Budget Planning For Next Season

Today we worked on creating an outline for the presentation for our
local rotary club. The meeting will be on Wed June 13. The purpose of
the meeting is to start a mentor network for Monrovia Robotics. We
will also ask them to commit to cover some of the teams’ travel costs
(any of the MHS teams moving on to the World’s championship).

We discussed the budget for next year. We came up with likely sponsors
and how much they will most likely give us.

For our cost estimates for next season, we assumed that we would reuse
most of the parts on our past robots, which is why our listed robot cost
is so low.

Our potential sponsors and how likely we think they are to donate
Our budget estimates for the Rover Ruckus season
Our budget estimates and potential sponsors, legibly.

Post Worlds


  • Reflect on the Relic Recovery Season
  • Determine the team’s level of commitment for the Rover Ruckus season
  • Decide how many new team members to recruit for next season
  • Discuss summer schedule


The returning Suit Bots sat down for the first time since Worlds to collect our thoughts. We talked about whether we wanted to try to be competitive again next year after losing so many seniors (we do), and how we want to go about that for next year. Since LA is losing several qualifying spots to worlds (relative to supers), we’ll have to be more broadly competitive for awards than before (as opposed to concentrating entirely on the Connect award) which means more concentration on the notebook and outreach.

Our upcoming summer events are as follows:

  • 5/19 Monrovia Day demo
  • 6/6 Chamber of Commerce Lunch presentation
  • 7/14 Cal State Games in San Diego

During the summer, we’d like to pick up some new skills, Fusion360 and
CNC milling. We’re going to meet next Tuesday to do a F360 walkthrough
with Mr. Porter and will design several robots over the course of the
summer to get the feel for the software.

We also need to learn a more formal engineering design process. Two
weeks from today we’re going to go over NASA’s process and see if it’s
a good fit for our needs.