TeleOp Smoothing

Our summer robot’s controls aren’t great. It accelerates far too quickly and it does’t allow for fine control. Our goal today is to make the robot easier to drive, building on our exploration of quadratics last week..

We started with a very basic linear teleop.

Our first attempt at drivetrain input functions

Our first attempt at smoothing was to apply a quadratic to joystick input.

Quadratic smoothing of drivetrain functions

This still accelerated too fast. We decided then to create a “slow” zone
in the first half of the joystick range that would always drive a consistent

Quadratic with a dead zone

This proved best. We could easily go fast when we needed to, and we
can easily turn and inch slowly when we need to. If we use a 6WDC
chassis this year, this will be our teleop drive function.

Ryan and Chase testing the drivetrain