EDP 5: Beginning of Prototyping Phase

Last meeting we began to cut down the amount of viable options for our mechanisms. We separated each mechanism into 4 different categories. The different categories were Drive trains, Depositors, Harvesters, and Lifters. Out of each brainstorming idea, we got rid of all the designs with the exception of the two to three we found were best. The criteria we followed in order to find the best ideas were whether or not they were manufacturer-able, efficient, and were compatible with our game strategy.  Below are the outcomes of our selective eliminations.

  • Drive train
    • 6 wheel drop center
    • Darpa wheels
    • Mecanum wheel
  • Depositors
    • Radial Dump Truck
    • Dump Truck on a linear slide
  • Lifters
    • Hanger on a linear slide
    • Hook on a wheel
    • Uncontrolled Drop
  • Harvesters
    • Zip tie harvesters
    • Tennis/ Half tennis harvesters
    • Thagmah Tube

Although we had already done this, we made sure to explain to everyone who had missed the crucial down-selecting meeting in hopes of having the most amount of educated hands on deck. We also began doing light prototyping with cardboard. This was an experimental phase of our design process where we began to see the smaller details that must be figured out in order to properly design our mechanisms.

Emilio working on a prototype harvester and Troy sketching its design