EDT: Drive Train Prototype Phase


Today we gathered data on how the 4WD robot turned and moved with different sized spaces between the two wheels on each side. We tested this to see if this drive train was one that could easily accomplish the tasks in the game and also be able to be maneuvered easily. We also tested how fast and accurate the turning was using two different types of wheels. Lastly, we documented all our results and came to a conclusion.

    Black Wheels       Blue Wheels      
  Track (in)   t1 t2 t3   t1 t2 t3
  11.75 2.04 1.79 2.29 2.04 2.58 2.42 2.36 2.95
  11.25 1.67 1.84 1.51 1.65        
  10.75 1.45 1.46 1.45 1.45        
  10.25 1.43 1.51 1.39 1.38        
  9.75 1.50 1.53 1.57 1.39        

We found that the closer the wheels were, the faster the turning became. All of these different lengths were able to go over the rim and back. We also decided found that the black Andymark compliant wheels were the fastest all around.

After gathering all the data, we decided that the black Andymark suited our design best because it was the perfect combination of compliance, which helps go over the crater, and speed, which improves upon our overall control of the robot. 

Here are all of the distances between the wheels we tested: