Version 1 Robot Assembly and Testing

After Andrew wired our meet 1 robot, we began to test how it cleared the crater and harvested the minerals using the sponge. We constructed the robot from wood. The zip-tie harvester was made by aligning 14  zip ties on a metal part. We covered the zip ties in surgical tubing to ensure more grip on the minerals and duck taped them to each other to make sure that the harvester was stiff enough to actually lift the minerals against gravity. Lastly, we added a sponge near the bottom because it was the best material to grip the minerals from the bottom since zip ties were not yet strong enough to start the harvesting cycle.

We were surprised out how violent the harvester worked but it was able to actually take the minerals and deposit them into our sorter. We also placed our pixy cam above the harvester and considered it the front. The hanger is behind the harvester for easier excess to the lander when the game was done. We decided to place this all above the drivetrain that we created from the compliant wheels.

Currently, we are making improvements on the robot and searching a replacement for the sponge. 

We also discussed what we wanted the path of the autonomous and made a quick outline.

Autonomous path and time required for each phase.