Judging Presentation Strategy

Today we went over what we have accomplished so far in regards to the awards. We came up with a thesis statement for each award category and several speaking points for each.


  • JPL and IRobot visits
  • Mr. Feldmen from JPL spoke with us about a design process
  • Mr. Feldmen and Ray Ray came in and reviewed our design
  • Alumni help from Brian
  • Lightgear laser cut some parts


  • Plymouth demo
  • Helped local teams with programming
  • Helped clifton with hook
  • Monrovia Days demo
  • Arroyo Science Night demo


  • Tensor flow
  • Controls for dumper attitude
  • Sonar for walls
  • External camera


  • JPL Design process
  • Prototypes
  • Fusion 360
  • Laser cut prorotuping
  • Tabletop review
  • Innovative components


  • Wood frame-light/cheap/easy
  • Compliant Wheels-Crater
  • One way latch hook-allows simple drive train, no servos, simple use
  • Coin sorter-fewer servos, simple, fast depositing, score from multiple positions
Taking stock of our accomplishments for the year in terms of FTC awards

Randy Tallyup V1 Assembly.

Today we came in and assembled the new panels for the robot. After several hours, we finally had the new robot fully assembled. We wired up the robot but did not have enough time to program it and get it to work. We came across a problem that consisted of the motor blocking the arm from being able to raise thanks to very little room between the axle with the arm and the axle being run by the motor. Fortunately, we solved the arm problem by flipping it onto the other side of the panel. This design of the robot and will have changes for improvements in future meets.

Laser Cutting Body Panels

Today we went to Clifton Middle School to use their laser cutter to cut out the new panels for our updated robot. We used many ideas that came from tests, prototypes, and much more from our design process. The biggest changes to our robot are the third layer of zip-ties added to our harvester and a hole for another axle on the right-most panel so that we could add a larger gear to increase the gear ratio for our arm scoring mechanism.

Meet 1 Retrospective

Today we reflected on Meet 1 and established our goals for Meet 2. We decided that we should go to our local middle school Clifton, to cut out new panels for our robot using their laser cutter on Thursday.

Fusion 360 model of our meet 1 robot

Meet 1 Success

Today in Meet 1 we finished in first place and went undefeated. This was thanks to our consistent autonomous and hours of driver practice, although we did fail to hang one match due to driver error.

Overall, today was a satisfactory day, we still do hope to drastically improve our robot for the next meet by being able to score in the lander. We were not able to do that this meet because we found that we needed a much larger gear ratio in order to lift the arm, something we were not capable of implementing due to how close meet 1 was.

Suit Bots matches from meet 1