Sorter Problem Diagnostics

After having our second table top review, we continued to identify and address the several mechanical issues that were slowing down our TeleOp cycle time. The two mechanisms that we found were having the most issues were the harvester and the arm that raises our sorter.

Today we found that the robot was spilling the second harvested mineral over the first, causing us to only carry one at a time. At first, we believed that our sorter was not at the proper angle to allow both minerals to sit inside it. After a few tweaks to our robot in which cut off a few pieces of the Plexiglas that was blocking the entrance of the minerals, we found that it was, in fact, the harvester that was causing the issues. After close review, we found that the third layer of our harvester was too stiff and exerting too much force, reducing the accuracy and predictability of where the second mineral would land. We solved this by simply cutting the top layer of zip ties to a shorter size.

Another issue we came across was that our scoring arm was overshooting, causing our driver to severely miscalculate and occasionally crash into the lander with the arm, spilling the minerals within the sorter.  We were not able to find the origin of the problem but expect to address it in our next meeting.