Arroyo Vista Elementary School

On January 22, Jonah and Jessica went to Arroyo Vista Elementary School in South Pasadena and represented Suit Bots along with other robotics teams to educate the youth about robotic opportunities. We brought out demo bot and began by setting up three of our team’s poster. Right as we began to drive the robot. Crowds of children gathered, curious and engaged. As we allowed the first child to drive the remote, a line gathered quickly. Some were shy and at first unwilling to drive but eventually they got comfortable and actually had a lot of fun. Kids were jumping around the robot and playing games.

During this time, one of us would accompany the child while the other spoke to the parent. We introduced them to FLL and encouraged them to find out more information on the First website. We arrived around 6 and spent two hours talking to dozens of parents and packed up at 8 after the last robot driver was done.