New Robot Chassis Development

We continued our process dismantling the old robot and started work on the new robot. One change is having a golden stain to make the robot more aesthetically pleasing and to highlight our design choice of wood. A physical change was altering the center of gravity in order to negate the chance of flipping while crossing over the crater. We also changed the shape of the bottom of our side panels to avoid getting stuck on the crater. We have made a lot of progress, but there is still a ways to go with our new robot. In other news, we have started planning for a skirmish with other local teams and revised and redesigned our notebook. In addition, we discussed possible rewards and our presentations for them.


  • Added golden stain
  • Altered center of gravity
  • cut bottom of the side panes
  • organized work space
  • planned meet
  • updated notebook
  • discussed rewards
Assembling the new stained panels