Adding lights to our Robot

Today we decided to start the process of adding lights to our robot. We felt that the lights would add both aesthetic effect as well as aid our drivers during tele-op. To boost the effect of the LED’s on our robot, we cut a 1/16 sheet of poly carbonate with one of the protective sheets still on. This sheet is used on top of the bot. The sheet has two features with one being how it refracts the light from the LED’s making the colors more visible in bright lights and the other being how if a mineral fell onto our bot it would slide off rather than being stuck on top. One feature the lights will have are that when there are two minerals in our sorter, a pressure pad in a position where only the second mineral could touch will detect that. The lights will change color when this happens, notifying our driver that we have collected two and that he can now proceed to score them. The second feature the lights will have is that over time the lights will change color to show how close we are to endgame.