Scrimmage Matches and Notebook Work

Today, we had a practice match with the other top teams in the league including: Kings and Queens, Golden Gears, Hippie Bots, and Brainstormz. At the beginning of the day, we had to resolve several issues with the robot that were stopping us from being able to score. These issues were all results from the build day last Saturday. One issue was that the hook was pushed to far back thanks to tension-er. Although the easier solution seemed to be simply loosing the tension, we found we were not able to do this because it would result in us being lower than the 4 required inches at the beginning of autonomous. Our solution was to add standoffs to the hook, making them stick out half an inch farther than originally. This actually allowed us to hook on much more easily than before because we no longer have to be flush up against the wall in order to hook on. We also made a few adjustments to the arm and brought it back to its full efficiency.

After making the robot ready for competition, we began to run a few scrimmage runs with the other teams. First, we practiced with the Kings and Queens and scored a total of 35 minerals, a huge milestone for both of us. Next, we played with Brainstormz were we scored a total of 27 minerals. Then, we took on Brainstormz in a one on one twice, scoring 16 minerals but ended up disconnecting in the second run. Once we fixed the problem, we went one v one with Hippie Bots three times. First we scored 16 minerals, then 23 minerals (a personal best), and finally 22 minerals.

Scrimmage robots hanging and ready to go

Jessica and Andrew worked on organizing the notebook and getting all of our sketches to be included. They focused on making many of the initial entrees longer are more detailed because there were many times where we had very superficial explanations.

Mock Judging

We did mock judging for preparation for real Judging. Before we entered the mock judging, we organized ourselves to speak in a certain order and practiced our lines. Overall the judging went pretty well, but we learned some key lessons. One of these lessons is that we have to include concrete examples in all of our talks.


  • Stand closer to the judges
  • Give more concrete examples
  • Be prepared!
  • Help other people on our team if they get stuck

Season Goals with New Team Members

Today we discussed the team’s goals for the year, leadership positions and rules. This was the first meeting in which many of the team members were present. We started the meeting with introduction so that everyone could get to know each other. Then we began to deliberate our regulations and objectives for the season.

We re-affirmed that our goals for the year are:

  • Win the Bryson Cup in our league meets
  • Be the Final Boss at the LA Regional Championship
  • Play in the elimination matches at Worlds

We decided upon leadership roles after Mr. Porter described the responsibilities of each. The results are as follow

Captain (Engineering Notebook) – Emilio

The captain is the member of the team who makes very sure that the Engineering Notebook is current and high quality.

Business Lead – Kristoffer

Te business lead coordinates the rest of the team’s efforts to
secure funding. They have final say over whether or not we buy
more parts, over t-shirt purchases, etc.

Mechanical Lead – Chase

The Mechanical Lead makes sure that we remain a CAD-first team.
They own the Fusion 360 model and make sure that everybody, from
time to time, contributes to it.

Programming Lead – Jonah

The Suit Bots expectation is to have a full autonomous ready by meet
zero. The programming lead ensures that our teleop and autonomous
are ready for competition.

Video Lead – Emily

This lead is responsible for our Promote award submission, a video
reveal (or joke reveal video) if we choose to do one, and any other
vlogging the team may choose to do.

Electronics Lead – Andrew

The electronics lead makes sure that the robot is wired properly and
has all of the sensors it needs to run a successful autonomous.

Communications Lead – Jessica

Responsible for the Suit Bots’ web page and social media presence.
Works with the mechanical lead to make sure that any SBKOP components
are available for other teams to download.

Outreach Lead – Outstanding

The outreach lead ensures that we develop and maintain a suitable
schedule of outreach events, of both the learning (Connect) and
teaching (Motivate) variety.

Not only did we establish goals for the team, but also for individual members as well. These included every team member learning how to do a bit of every step in the design and creation of a fully running robot. Subjects like CAD, java programming, and 3-D printing are included. We also set expectations for each of the team members that we would follow either by the deadline or throughout the robotics season.

Goals and expectations for Suitbots and team members.