Strategic Plan

Our goal for the Rover Ruckus season is a simple one: Win the final match on Minute Maid Field in Houston.

To do this, we need to advance first to the Los Angeles Regional Championship and then to the FIRST Tech ChallengeWorld Festival in Houston.

Our plan for advancing to LA regionals is the same as it has been for the last two years:

  • Earn the top qualifying spot in our ILT by finishing our robot early and getting more drive practice and autonomous tuning time than our competitors.
  • Use this pre-ILT advantage to earn the top captain spot, pick the best alliance partners and win the ILT.
  • Be well-rounded enough for awards to earn one of the Inspire spots at the ILT.

For the Rover Ruckus season, the Los Angeles region loses two qualifying spots out of regionals. Seven teams will qualify out of LA, so only the Inspire winner and finalists, the winning alliance and the Think award winner are guaranteed to advance to Houston. This means that our legacy strategy of focusing entirely on the Control award is no longer an effective strategy. It is now necessary to have a very high quality notebook and to competitive across all awards to try to be an Inspire nominee.

In addition to building a very high performing robot, we are going to add the following additional areas of focus to our award strategy:


This will be our award focus this year. We will not insist on only talking about this award at tournaments, however. We will focus on documenting our work each day, taking pictures all along the way. We will not have a single person solely responsible for the notebook; it will be a full-team responsibility.


For Connect will we employ the same strategy we have for the last two years: Be very aggressive about finding opportunities to learn from pros. Additionally, we will try to visit all of our previous sponsors and give them a demo of our robot and introduce our new team members. Hopefully we can find more financial and mentoring support this way.


In the past we have ignored this award. This year we will not be afraid to attempt solutions without prior examples of success.


Our main Design focus this year will be employing a formal Engineering Process. We will also transition from SolidWorks to Fusion 360 to facilitate more team members being involved in the CAD process.




Go big with Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Leverage our connections with JPL and the Data Science group at Ticketmaster for great advantage here.


We have not even had a Promote entry since the Ring-It-Up! season. This is a shame, as Promote is a lot of fun. We will produce and submit a high-quality Promote Award submission this year.